Five Reasons To Choose An Electric Fireplace

As winter approaches, many people consider various ways to keep their homes warm. The fireplace might be one of the options, and beside heating properties, they offer ambiance boost. However, with so many models and brands on the market, it’s tough to decide which one to choose. If you are still new to the idea of owning a fireplace, then we are going to give you a couple of reasons why you should install an electric fireplace.

Lack of smoke

Even though it’s not entirely confirmed, wood-burning fireplaces tend to release a lot of burning agents into the air, and some of them might be harmful to your health. On the other hand, electric fireplaces are economical, and newer models are designed to produce less emission, carbon monoxide, and fumes.

Therefore, with this unit, you no longer have to worry about how your house smells or medical conditions such as asthma.

Energy efficient

Electric fireplaces are one of the most efficient ways to heat your house, and they are more energy-efficient than traditional units. The majority of heat tends to go out through the chimney, which isn’t the case with an electric fireplace.

Electric Fireplace 2

According to some data, open fireplaces lose more than 90% of fire’s heath through the chimney. However, the electric one keeps your home warm, without compromising the heat potential. Additionally, a lot of models feature LED technology which consumes less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The bulb doesn’t contain mercury, and an average lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours. Also, the LED bulb stays cool because it produces 90% less heat than incandescent ones.

You save money

Even though it doesn’t look like this, but with the electric fireplace, you actually save money and reduce your heating costs. First of all, this unit is less expensive and offers a supplemental zone of heating.

With a supplemental zone of heating you can lower down the overall temperature by 15 degrees, or you can heat only the rooms which are occupied. This concept doesn’t waste energy and help you save up to 10% on your energy bill.

On top of that, with electric fireplaces, you don’t have to think about costly installation, chimney cleaning, service checks.

No maintenance

Experiencing the warmth of the fireplace is easier to enjoy when there is no maintenance involved. We should mention, there is no ash, cleaning, chopping, or storing. However, when you install an electric fireplace, you can control all the operations which the help of remote, while you sit back and relax.


Quite versatile

An electric fireplace doesn’t come with limitations, and anyone can use it, even people renting small apartments and condos. Since there is no need to install a chimney, this unit can be placed in any room, or any level of the building.

However, when choosing a fireplace, make sure to select the model that will match your room or home size. So, in this case, you can enjoy the dancing flames, while watching your favorite TV show, or hosting family gatherings.