Best Fireplaces For 2019

A fireplace adds value to any home, mainly if it features one of the popular designs. According to some data, homebuyers ranked the fireplace as one of the top three additions they would like to see in a new home. For that reason, they are willing to pay more.

When it comes to styles and designs, your options are practically unlimited. Therefore, we are going to present to you some of the trending fireplaces that might be able to blend form and function.

Classic with a modern twist

In the first half of the 20th century, modernism was a dominant style, and it remains quite popular even today. The modern design has managed to minimize connection with previous Baroque and Victorian styles and able to offer a simple and minimalistic look.

Classic with a modern twist

So, instead of excessive decorations, we now have a sophisticated and clean design. The combination of steel and glass is often used to create a classic-modern fireplace; however, they also employ wood and other simple materials.

Stacked rock

If you want to install a stacked rock fireplace, then your choice of materials is nearly endless. So, whether you select marble, limestone, bluff stone, or river rock, we are convinced your fireplace will look stunning.

Additionally, stacked rock offers a lot of choices in design, and its versatile construction allows you to experiment with many shapes and forms. On the other hand, a wide range of colors, help stacked rock blend to almost any space, or color scheme, as it becomes a focal point of your living room.


The hand-on technique is another popular trend in fireplace industry. Each piece is designed differently, which adds to its authenticity. On top of that, you can customize iron doors and screens. Owners can select various materials, combine shapes and colors, and go from classic to contemporary look.

Entertainment composition

Entertainment composition

Often fireplaces are standalone features that take the central place of any room. However, a lot of homeowners like to combine more elements to create a perfect blend. For instance, you can put together your fireplace and an entertainment center under the same archway.

They can share the same stone elements to create a more attractive consistency. At the same time, you can enjoy the burning fireplace, while your favorite show is running on the TV.


A great fireplace isn’t only functional, but appealing and eye-catching as well. At its best, the unit should reflect the homeowner-his sense of design and style.

These fireplaces leverage the imagination of the designer, so the result is a work of art, as well as a functional feature of the home. Anything that comes to your mind, from rustic to contemporary, can be used while creating an artistic fireplace.


A lot of people tend to mix contemporary design with a modern one, but they couldn’t be more different. Even though they share some similarities and can work well together, contemporary fireplaces feature a minimal and clean design with simple lines and lack of decorative flourishes.