Top Four Wood-burning Fireplaces

Despite its negative impact on the environment, some people still decide to install a wood-burning fireplace. Although it involves a lot of work, this isn’t the cheapest investment. So, before you engage in this journey, compare their price, heating performance, and efficiency.

To save you some time, we pulled out a couple of modes, which you might find interesting. So, here are our top four wood-burning fireplaces.

Drolet HT2000

This is probably one of the biggest models available on the market, which features high wood-burning efficiency. It can burn up to 10 hours without requiring a refill and heat up approximately 24,00 square feet.

Drolet HT2000

These features make Drolet HT2000 fireplace extremely reliable. On top of that, it can achieve 78% efficiency according to EPA, which makes it one of the highest efficient fireplace on the market. The size of this appliance is approximately 3.4 cubic ft., and it can hold the pack of long up to 22 inches long.

Additionally, it comes with an ash drawer included, which makes the cleaning process quite comfortable.

Bond 66594

Bond 66594 is an EPA certified fireplace that features incredibly sturdy exterior and keeps your family warm during cold winter days. It has a great design, as well as heating performance, so it might be something to consider.

Durable and steel construction make this fireplace great for outdoor use.

Additionally, it comes with a poker, log rack, and cover, since it’s designed for backyards. So, instead of the ceramic glass window, Bond 66594 contains mesh. Therefore, if you want to enjoy beautiful afternoons and cozy evenings with your friends and family, then this fireplace might be able to fulfill your requirements.

Timberwolf Ecnomizer

Timberwolf Ecnomizer is a popular choice among homeowners due to its fantastic appearance and sleek design. Additionally, no one can deny its excellent heating performance. This fireplace works with the majority of chimneys, and it’s quite easy to install.

Timberwolf Ecnomizer

It is space-efficient and fits nearly to the wall. In terms of efficiency, Timberwolf Ecnomizer is a highly efficient appliance, but at the same time cost-effective, which means it’s worth every penny you spend for it.

On the other hand, it features a reasonably large capacity, so you can burn logs nearly 18 inches long. One stack of firewood will last you almost eight hours.

Vogelzang TR001

People who own small homes or face limited living space often have a hard time finding a fireplace. However, Vogelzang TR001 might be a solution for all your troubles, since it’s designed to fit small spaces.

It features a welded steel material and provides more than 12 hours of burring time, which is an impressive performance. This unit has 75% efficiency and covers 12,00 square feet. This is more than enough for small houses.

Additionally, the firebox is big, so you can place 17-inches logs. On top of that, Vogelzang TR001 features air inlets, which ensure maximum heat output, as well as quality fire.