How Much Does The Fireplace Cost?

The fireplace offers a lot of benefits to your home. It doesn’t only increase the value, but also minimizes the heating costs and provide a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. However, the installation costs may depend on the type of fireplace, as well as a ventilation system, and gas line.

But, let’s go through the necessary costs and see what you are facing.

How much money will you spend?

If you are thinking of having a fireplace installed, then you must be wondering how much is it going to cost you. Keep in mind that price depends on the specific type of fireplace. The traditional wood-burning units are the most popular ones, but you can go for electric or gas fireplaces as well.


In general, the average costs are roughly $2,000, but since there are different types of properties, and various situations, the price can go up to $5,000. Additionally, if it’s necessary to add walls or ventilation, then your fireplace installation may exceed the average costs.

Type of fireplace

There are three common types of fireplace, and they all have their own costs, pros, and cons. Let’s look at them!

Wood-burning – the most popular among homeowners, but the installation costs can go up to $8,000, especially if you have to add a chimney.

Electric – if you are looking to save some money, then the electric fireplace is a budget-friendly option. It is easy to install and doesn’t require significant renovation. However, compared to a wood-burning unit, where the only cost is wood, with electric ones expect your utility bill to increase.

Gas – for people who prefer simplicity and heat, a gas fireplace might be the right option. With one switch of a button, you can regulate the temperature, and even enjoy the dancing flame, like with wood-burning fireplaces. The costs are similar to electric units; however, your monthly utility bill may increase.

Additional costs

With the previous section, we just touched the tip of the iceberg because the installation isn’t the only thing you’ll have to pay. Below are a few common adjustments homeowners have to make before they can set up a fireplace.

Additional costs

Ventilation – it doesn’t matter what type of fireplace you install, the air inside your home must be clean and fresh. If not, the room in your home will smoke every time you lit the fire. There are three types of fireplaces vents you can choose from direct, natural, and ventless.

Depending on what type you decide to install, this will probably increase your bill up to $3,000.

Gas line – you might need to add an extra gas line to your house. In this case, a fireplace company will estimate the possible risks, and make sure that the line is properly connected to the supply system. The gas line installation can be between $200 and $2,000.

Wiring – electric fireplace might require additional installation, and this type of project can cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars. Some contractors will seek electrician’s help, and you will be charged for his services.